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The treatment HCQS is an IPCA Laboratories medication that is used to treat a variety of autoimmune illnesses by inhibiting the immune system's function.  The corporation markets it under the name HCQ, which stands for hydroxychloroquine (the primary salt present in the medicine).  The medication is packaged as a strip of ten tablets, each containing 100 mg of the main salt.  Because the drug required extensive medical supervision and was to be taken under strict control, everyone must have a prescription in order to purchase it.

HCQS – 400 Mg (hydroxychloroquine)

  • Everyone is undoubtedly aware that our bodies have an immune system that constantly aids and protects us from outside infections and microorganisms that wish to harm us.  But did you know that our body's immune system can sometimes start targeting its own cells?  This may appear to be a strange occurrence, yet it does occur.

    That is the reason why sometimes we also need to turn down the services provided by the immune system and save our body parts for proper functioning.  So, if you are also suffering from any such issue, then you must go through the details of the medicine that we are about to discuss here.  The name of that medicine is HCQS 400 mg.

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